March On!

By penandinklings

The first day of a brand new year seems so ordinary. It’s new but I’m old. Before I stomp off into dismay and cast a shadow over my soul that is bleak, I pause to reframe. A new year is like a freshly set table full of possibilities of what’s to come. I’m invited to that table no matter where I am in life, no matter what stage.
My words for this year are: Just Try It!

Do I want to sing?

Do I want to write blog posts?

Do I want to draw and paint?

Do I want to get a puppy?

Do I want to ?

Ok. Try it and see how it goes. One rule here: Thoughts with no action will be set aside.

Thinking about things is a kin to scrolling through Instagram. It’s a waste of time unless the thought can be brought into actionable steps.

Two more phrases for 2024: March On! And Come to the Table.




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