Just a Few Folks Who Love My Work

Debra’s work as an artist and illustrator demonstrates her keen sense of whimsy and grace as she explores both humanity and the world of nature. Her work brings joy and cheer as you explore each expression in the faces of her illustrations. She captures each precious moment with the use of beautiful color palettes. From humans and wildlife to fruits and plants Debra’s charming style and playfulness in her art is sure to delight

~ Michelle Pelsue Arts and Entertainment Ministries http://a-e-m.org/

I have known Debra Moini for at least 12 years and have watched her sense of whimsy grow. Her work has a playful spirit and charm.

~Sabina Bronner Artist

If it weren’t for Debra and her art, I would never have unearthed the artist child within my own self. Her gentleness and encouragement as a mentor has been invaluable. Her style has definitely caused me to explore the more whimsical and witty side in my own artistic endeavors. She makes me want to be a better artist.

~ Melanie Osteen

I love Debra’s innocent, child-like approach to her art. It has a loving, gentle quality to it, which is needed in today’s world. Her little creatures that she makes have that child-like aspect. She made me a bird pin out of scraps of fabric and natural materials that is so whimsical and so like her. I love it. Her art brings out the child in me.

~ Carrie Imai . WWW.CarrieDesigns.com Author of The Dancin’ Pen.

As an Artist Debra loves small and beautiful things. She is patient and looks to add value over time, not to topple but to quietly notice what is precious. Her work is neither to the depths of soul nor does it comment on the world as it exists. It is more about the magic one might find nearby perhaps in a cloud, a garden or somewhere in her imagination.

~Cort Fritz Artist, Musician, Explorer of the world.