What do dogs have to teach us?

By pen and inklings

On Saturday we got another dog. I fought with myself over this decision for well over a year. Why would I want yet another body to take care of? I’m a care taker by nature, by role, by circumstance, by chance. It’s what I do. And do well, I might add. But do I need another responsibility? One more to feed? One more to take potty? One more to keep safe? Against my better judgement I have to answer yes to all of these. It goes against logic but not against the joy that a happy carefree being brings into my life. Was this one sent by life and chosen by me to help me understand something about attitude and perspective? I worry a lot. But Sallini Bellalini has no worries. She trusts. I think about all the things that could go wrong. She wags her tail at the tiniest pleasure. She doesn’t miss a moment of the day focusing on yesterday or tomorrow. She is where she is right now….happily. What do dogs teach you?


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