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Small ideas in small spaces means to find in the seemingly insignificant, ordinary, dysfuntional moments of life, the extraordinary, the holy and the divine. When i plant a seed and it sprouts, grows, flowers, dies and hands me a pod full of more seeds, i’m astounded! i see the seed as a metaphor for life and even for ideas. Everything that lives began with a seed. Some seeds are so small i wonder how anything could be inside. But given the right conditions new life emerges. This also speaks to me about my own seedling efforts in art or writing this blog. i don’t have to know everything to begin. In fact, when i just go ahead and jump in, instead of thinking so much about something, that’s when some beautiful, surprising things happen.

So, i hope my blog will be a place of inspiration. A place of sharing ideas about art, writing, faith, God and my ordinary, daily life.


The dot above i is a seed.

An idea waiting to be




An idea is a fragile thing.


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