Quaere Faerie

By pen and inklings

Do you have a lot of questions? I know I do. I think Quaere Faerie has been around with her magic dot, stirring up curiousities and wonderments. Here’s a place to post a question or a comment to a question. But don’t be surprised if questions lead to more questions.

To Blog or not to Blog, that is the question. I want to write, at least I think about writing all the time. The blog is one of those spaces that allows me to be published without really being published. It allows me to be known without really being known. Is this what I like about it or what I don’t like about it? I start to blog, then I stop blogging. I design my blog, then I redesign my blog. I go back and look at my blog, then I don’t look at it for months. Why would someone torment themselves over blogging? 


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