A Monday That Did Not Act Like A Monday

By pen and inklings

I didn ‘t know the name of this day. It definitely did not feel like Monday. My friends came for lunch at 11:30 and stayed until 5:30. We sat in the patio under the umbrella. The shade stayed over all the chairs except one corner. A breeze blew only slightly, only when it was beginning to be needed. We ate, talked and drank iced tea. How refreshing to just be without time constraints, with nothing in our hands to tend to. I’m not very good at this though, just sitting, just being. I found my foot tapping or my hands wringing as though I needed to be somewhere. My mind kept drifting off, away from the conversation to things I had not done. Afterall it was Monday, a day of getting the week off to a good start by getting as much done as possible. Each successive day would have less to do because the bulk had already gotten done on Monday and Tuesday. Then Wednesday, usually a medium, inbetween day, Thursday, a lighter day and Friday down to almost “do whatever you want to do” day. Saturday, gardening day. Sunday, church.

We were all so relaxed and happy that we didn’t want the time to end. But the sun went behind the clouds and the breeze cooled into gentle but firmer reminders that there were other things calling. We went inside, hugged and said goodbye.

Relationships are so much sweeter and meaningful than all the “stuff” I have to do. I’m reminded to protect this time with my family and friends. The “stuff “will always be there, those I love may not.


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