A Cabin in the Woods

By pen and inklings

Solitude. Recently I’ve met someone who has a cabin in the woods and I haven’t been able to get it out of my mind. The thought of getting away into the quiet where I can be alone sounds refreshing and relieving. Since I can’t go to a cabin in the woods right now I try to practice solitude here at home. I sit down with my paper and pen, out in the warm air of the garden, hoping to empty my mind of it’s busyness. I try to get to a place of tranquility and calm. I want to leave the static in me behind. I want to create open space where I can get some perspective. Where can I find restoration and rejuvenation? I listen. The curtain draws a breath in and then out. I do the same. Breathing in,”I forgot to.”…………..Breathing out,”I have to”…………..the curtain knows something I don’t. Being.

I realized today that even if I go to a cabin in the woods I won’t find peace because I’ll still be with my anxious self. There’s no where to run. This week I will spend time catching my thoughts, the ones that rob me of hope and faith and love and peace. I will say to myself, “breathe.” I will ask myself, “What is it that rejuvenates you?”
And now I ask you, dear reader, what is it that rejuvenates you? Where do you find solitude? What restores your soul?


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