Leaving My Comfort Zone

For this 5 part series “Leaving the Comfort Zone” I chose a square format. Equal sides helped me to be objective and constrained. I chose a gradation of sizes to help tell a personal story of taking risks to overcome fear of creativity. I allow the viewer to come close but also keep a distance which tells of my own struggle of wanting to be known coupled with a fear that being known may not mean being accepted or liked. The medium is acrylic on canvas. The color palette is cool to create a mysterious mood where so much is unknown and yet to be discovered.

In the first piece I deal with the passing of time, using a mouse and a clock to indicate my internal struggle to find creativity and the time to create. The clock is getting in the way as I’m constantly under its watch. I want to stop it. We are all vulnerable in life until death. I want to live. Fear crouches in the shadows dressed in an argyle sweater (Picasso-ish), menacing. The mouse is unclothed.

In the 2nd piece the mouse dressed with a backpack and red boots tries to move away from fear, to take a risk and to venture into the unknown. Fear stalks but is coming into the light where it begins to lose its power.

In the third piece the mouse realizes fear is just a shadow. Her vulnerability can be an asset to put fear in its place and propel the work she has set out to do. This piece is the largest because it’s the most important conflict she faces.

The fourth piece demonstrates fear and vulnerability find a way to work together. No longer concerned with approval from others, certainty and comfort they move together into exploration and experimentation of possibilities. And also gather a community of support.

The 5th piece finds the mouse at work. The color palette has lightened to indicate more clarity. She now sees ideas all around her and begins to take herself seriously as an artist. Here is the profound realization that life is art. And art is life. Now her goal is to make sure her art(and life) represents her in a true and meaningful way.